23 November 2012

My Views.. Some Agree Some Dont..

Hi all I hope the eve of the next Match Day finds you all well. Now after beating Spurs last weekend going into the game against Montpellier I was really excited as I thought that we would have gone into the game all guns blazing. Now yes I understand that we won the game and was pleased with the overall performance. But why is it taking us so long to get going in some of the fixtures this season. The QPR performance was far from great and the Schalke  game at the Emirates was so bad which in turn saw us lose our proud record of not losing a game there in the Champions League. Following that a 3-3 draw with Fulham really knocked the stuffing out of us the supporters and it really must have knocked the morale of the players. The North London Derby was the best chance to really show us that they were still up for it and had the desire to do well and really show us fans that.

I have to be fair to Spurs and say that before Adepaymore got send off they really had us rattled. But we went on to really put them to sword, and of course we all said it in our minds one way or another. But getting back to the slow starts, I would love to be in the dressing room when Wenger is doing his team talks. It seems to me he does them the wrong way wrong. Take the Reading game for example, 4-0 down after 37 mins. Come out and score 4 goals and go on to win the game. What I'm trying to say here is he saying to the players to go out first half and try to contain teams until half time? Then really go for it when we are losing? I'd love to see us start coming out the blocks again fast! With the pace and passing ability we have we should be destroying teams in midfield. With the Ox and Podolski to Cazorla and Arteta, There would be plenty of managers in the league that would pay a lot of money or cut there own arms off to have that line up. Yet we are so slow to get going all the time?

For me, Theo Walcott has to start playing as our striker. For people that disagree think back to the finish against West Ham which was world class. View from the back of the goal to see just how little space he had to get that ball in. With him in a central role and Ox and Podolski on the wings, we are going to stretch a lot of teams, the pace there is frightening.

So that's my first attempt at expressing my views via the Internet to the Gooners in the world. Hopefully as time goes by I will become better at it and you will be able to relate to my blogs a bit more.
In my next one i will be taking about the Villa game, Oliver Giroud, and the deal struck with the Emirates.

Until then Sing for The Arsenal

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