5 January 2013

Calm Down...

The Transfer Hype

Hello all to you all. I got a new iPad for my birthday which was last Saturday and I must say I'm rather impressed with word processing on it. I actually prefer it to my laptop. I hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for the coming year.

As I scroll through my twitter feed all I see is a lot of Arsenal fans getting very annoyed at the fact that after 4 days of the market being open that no one has arrived at the Emirates yet.  To you people I must say, you are going to give yourself grey hair if you carry on getting as stressed out as you are coming across. If you believe all the shit that we hear and read then that's your choice. My advice to you would to be patient and wait for official announcements from Arsenal.com.

If you sit down and think about it, we have let 2 centre halves go, and also a striker. Now this leaves us very short of cover. So I will hope that because these players have been allowed to go out on loan that Arsene has something up his sleeve. He has never done business at the start of any January transfer window and the deals he has done have always come late, so please for the sake of your hair, relax.

The news today that Lewis Holtby has to Sp*rs didn't really bother me. If he was that good then he would have been snapped up a long time ago, and the fact that he has been allowed to leave for free says a whole lot about how his current side feel about him. When you look at it closely where does he fit into our midfield? He doesn't, I remember when Sahin decided to join Liverpool instead of us, Wenger got that right didn't he.

If we are in to sign David Villa, then yes of course it is an exciting prospect of having three Spanish players in the side. If he comes here I have no doubt that he make immediate impact as he will want to show Barca that he should have never been left out in the cold. But once again we just have to wait and see what develops. But yes it excites me no end to think about Arteta, Cazorla and Villa all in Arsenal shirts. The players that have left on on loan I would like to wish them all the best. I was a bit disappointed to see all the hate for Chamakh on my Twitter feed the past few days. Lets not forget that when RVP was injured he did a great job for us. It was only RVP becoming fit again that forced him out of the side and on to the bench. I have placed various bets with people that he scores goals when he goes to West Ham.  

But the thing that must happen before all this is that Theo has to sign a new contract. Love him or hate him, he really does deserve his chance playing down the middle and I personally believe that he could be the next striker to carry this club to the success it deserves and what us as the fans deserve.

So as I ready myself for some shut eye, less of the stressing out and keep supporting the players that wear our badge. They are playing for Arsenal.

Keep singing for the Arsenal

Scotty Boy

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