26 December 2012

January BA-rgain

So its Boxing day 2012 and another year that The Arsenal don't have a game due to Tube Strikes.  This kinda makes Boxing day a bit of "nothing" day for us fans as all we can do is watch our rivals play.
Although this kind of got me thinking towards January and that Transfer Window.  Boxing Day and the January transfer window are very much alike for us, simply in the fact that we're not involved.
Its safe to say we've probably not met expectations but that said on Christmas Day we were 4th in the league and as I write this we're currently 6th with a game in hand (could go 7th if the Spuds draw or beat the the Villa).
Apart from the fact it would have been nice to play today, it was also a good opportunity to continue the little run were starting to develop, we will of course now have to wait till Saturday when we face the Toon, who showed themselves today against Man U that they wont be a push over.
The other interesting thing about the upcoming Newcastle game is that fact we've been linked with their top striker Demba Ba.
Its well reported that Ba has some stupid clause in his contract that come January he can be brought for 7.5-8million.  Recent reports have suggested that if he were to leave he'd want in region of 90-100k a week in wages.
I'm pleased with our Striker options as is at the moment (Giroud and Theo, providing we keep Theo) but we could also do with another one, and one of quality.  The January window can be tricky for numerous reasons.  One of the obvious is who do you buy and where from as if its from outside England you have the added hassle of them settling in.  Of course some players do this quicker than other but January onwards is the real business end of the season and you often cant afford to wait for a player to start firing on all cylinders.  Another challenge is of course for a team like The Arsenal we have to consider the Champions League and being cup tied, and theres the EPL chase and the FA Cup.
It pains me to say that the Champions League shouldnt even be a consideration, for this season.  I dont think we have a strong enough team to win it and I cant honestly think of any non cuptied front man that would benefit us in that en-devour.  The other two on the other hand should be considered.
The FA Cup is yet to have been played and with the right player(s) we could at least push the two teams from Manchester while easily getting third.
This is where Demba Ba comes in.  He is a proven EPL striker. Since joining the EPL hes scored an impressive 34 goals in 65 games, which is nearly one every two games.  Hes shown he has strength, a bit of vision and isn't that slow.  The style that The Arsenal play for me would suit him to a tee, and he'd be a good partner for the likes of Giroud and Theo.  It would give us attacking options which would make a nice change.  Of course theres possible doubts over his fitness.  He failed a medical at Stoke which is why he ended up in the East End over at West Ham on a pay as you play contract, but to be fair to him hes never looked back.
If he were to come to The Arsenal I think he'd relish the chance for playing for a "big" team and I think he'd lap up the service from the likes of Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta.
If The Arsenal are serious about winning trophies then for me, Ba is a no brainer.  And don't leave it late.  The Window opens January the 1st, the day we play Southampton.  The FA Cup is on the 6th.  Theres no reason we couldnt have the deal done and dusted by then which is of course a tricky away tie at Swansea.
Im hoping this January wont be the usual looking in from the outside for us fans and watching everyone else do business while we just bob along.  And that is why I also hope we sign Ba.  To show some purpose at the very least, and at 7.5million, he really could be a BA-rgain.

Keep the Flag Flying High and the Canon Loaded


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