10 December 2012


Good afternoon to all from a cold but bright Cork. It was better on Saturday wasn't it? There was pace in the passing, there looked to be a good directness of play and the team looked like a team again. We started quick and stayed at a good tempo with  West Brom not really being able to threaten. The defense looked solid, the midfield were dominant and we played with an all round confidence.

Carzola and Wilshere were tremendous and I'm sure once Santi and Jack have settled in and get working with other week in week out on match days I think they really will become a great great paring. Santi's vision is a joy and watching Jack burst through the middle is screaming more goals but we will give them a little time to gel I think.  I was also impressed with Gervinho's work rate, I think he comes in for too much stick sometimes, yes I'm with you all shouting get your head up!! Pass!!! But he really put in a shift on Saturday and I' like to applaud him for it. I know this is his second season and the sitter he missed on Saturday but i feel he will come good.

So the penalty. Now I don't like diving, in fact i detest it. But if we can look back and say "Well our season changed the day Santi took a tumble" Then hey.. But the thing that does get to me is the reaction to it. Straight away on twitter Jug Ears Lineker started going on about what a disgrace Carzola is to game etc etc. My question to him of course wasn't answered, which was how many yellows has Bale got for diving this year? Anyway look yes he dived, yes he conned the ref, but we got three points and that's the bottom line. Why should Arsenal players be the ones subjected to bad press for doing things that United and Liverpool players have been doing for 5 years. So on that note to all you journos I'd like to stick my middle finger up at you all, and ask you go out there and try and a story that would interest people.

So we have supposedly signed Huntelaar for 4 Million? 4 Million!! 58 Goals in 64 matches? I don't think so, do you? Although I'd welcome him I don't think he will come that cheap. But who knows it may be true, but I'll wait till I see a picture of him and Wenger at a press conference.
Also I'd just to mention the BSM marches. There seems to be a bit of confusion about what they are about. They are not an anti Wenger movement, but want the club to run properly. Now I have no problem with that and before people attack them, they should really do a little more research. Who knows if there successful they might save you a few quid on your next season ticket.

A short blog this week I'm afraid as I have had a recent loss in the family and didn't do much work on content but just wanted to let you know I'm still here

Sing for the Arsenal!

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  1. Couldnt agree more withwhat you've said.

    With regards to hte Santi "dive" i was at the game saturday, Front row Block 19 and thus had the whole thing happen in front of me. My gut was it was a pen, and i dont think the ref can be blamed for giving it. Now the real question was if its a dive? Personally I think he has simply anticipated being caught, something we see a lot of players do and get free kicks etc. The only thing that didnt help Santi was the fact he then clutched his ankle when there hadnt been any contact....still like you said if it helps us kick start what has been a poor season so far then im all for it and its about time we had something go our way.

    Sorry about your loss also


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