13 December 2012

So 20 Years on then and no change? But should there be?

Its took me all day yesterday to really digest the magnitude of our defeat against Bradford.  I mean losing on Pens, the shame of it.
Of course I jest, it wasnt the loss on Pens that hurt but the fact a team like Bradford had took us to them! Look I'm not gonna say that we werent poor, of course we were, but lets give credit where its due.  Bradford played to our frailties, weak at the back on set pieces. Every manager has the manual. And they defended whole heartly, something we could learn from.
We as a team, as a family are going through a rough a time at the moment. But as Monty Python once said, "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" except as a Gooner, there is no bright side, well not that we can see.
Its been reported yesterday and today that Peppy G's first choice is The Arsenal, once of course God himself Arsene Wenger Retires/Gets Sacked/Walks/Gets Abducted By Aliens (you pick most likely).
On January 4th 1992 The Arsenal lost to Wrexham, a team that was at that time at the foot of the football league.  We were of course the current top Division Champions.  So was the Bradford defeat worse than that? I'd argue no, as the 1992 team were good enough to win a league, we currently simply are not.  Ive seen a lot of posts on Twitter and Facebook saying "Wenger Out"...heck theres been the #WengerOut posts and ive even heard rumblings of a "wenger out protest march".  But yet surprisingly back in 1992 when we lost, in the FA Cup to Wrexham, these calls never came.  But we were mocked, laughed at, even ridiculed, just like now.  However Graham was just making his legacy (and what a legacy I might add).  Wenger, well some would say hes at the end of his legacy. Hes past it, let him go, put him out to pasture.
I'm not a AKB, but I will say this..... The Bradford defeat was no worse than that night against Wrexham. And whether you like it or not Wenger has a successful past, so did Graham granted, but Wengers surpasses even that.
Theres a lot wrong at The Arsenal at the moment, from management, to players, to BOD and even us fans.  But lets put things into perspective.  We've had worse results, and when ever history is about to happen we are generally there, good or bad and frankly thats all i se the Bradford defeat as.  Just another piece of history that we'll be associated with.
"In Wenger I trust" well no not entirely, but as we've seen at Chelsea the grass isn't always greener and if Pep really does want the Job in 2013, then dont we simply owe it to Wenger to give him this as a Swan Song and hope he can make it a good one come May.

Until Next Time

Keep The Flag Flying And The Canon Loaded


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