12 December 2012


Errrrrrm... We just lost to a League 2 side with a full strength side?

Now I know there is always a chance you can have a blip, but this blip has been going on since the International break and quite frankly I have enough. Firstly let start by telling it how it is. Aaron Ramsey is not could enough to be playing for us, he could have been but since the injury he sustained at the hands of the cavemen he has never been the same. Gervinho in my opinion should never wear an Arsenal shirt again and it worth mentioning that he cost us 10 million! Why does Wenger keep playing this man when he has Podolski to play in that role and Arshavin to play left wing?
Arsene Wenger then goes on to defend 11 Premier League players each earning what over 50K a week? He defends them saying, "It wasn't for the lack of quality" "I'm happy with the way we played" Well Arsene let me tell you, Quality? We didn't have our first shot on target until the 60th min, Happy with the way we played? We couldn't break down a League 2 defense?

I worry for him, I don't want him to go. But he is great danger of losing everything he ever did for this club. All his achievements will come to nothing if keeps playing the formations and tactics he does. He will end up being a hate figure and the reason why this club came tumbling down. Even the most avid Wenger supporter can not defend the performance last night, we could what our performance merited, Nothing.

Isn't about time us Arsenal fans stopped living in past and reliving past glories and stop talking about what has been done, instead talking about what has to be done. I have seen last night on twitter than some fans have turned there back on the club, Some season tickets holders saying they wont return to the Emirates, Some fans even going as far as burning there shirts. While this is highly disappointing the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear at Arsenal and its going to take one hell of job to switch them off.
I myself got what I wanted last night. A strong team and Arsene showing some intent by playing a strong team, at least that what I thought until he says "I'm playing this team tonight because we have a good break after it" Shouldn't he have said " I'm playing this team tonight because I want to win the trophy". Its just sends out the wrong vibes and frustrates everyone involved.
For me the only positive to come out of this game was Jack Whilshire. If he stays fit he is going to be a very special player indeed, but then you ask yourself when will he leave? I would predict that the same thing will happen to Jack as the "others" and he will be gone in 2 years when he realises that his career is going no where at Arsenal and jumps ship for success.

Ill finish on this. The song sang by the Bradford fans night, "He left because your shit" Im afraid you would have to agree. Even the rest that jumped ship could see this coming and leaves me wondering, If you can leave a club and join another one and get paid more money and win medals, I don't think you can blame any of them for doing so.

Sing for the Arsenal

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  1. Well at least you didn't react like most of the fans of top teams would after bowing out : "Good, we have the Mickey Mouse cup out of the way time to concentrate on the PL" Silverware is silverware and Arsenal for all their talent really could use a cup or two


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