3 December 2012

No Passion, No Fight!

Well I think I have had enough time to come to terms with what happened on Saturday. I sit here trying to rack my brains about what is going on behind closed doors at Arsenal, because clearly there is something very very wrong. Is it the board, Is it the Manager? Why are the team refusing to show any intent? Any drive or any passion in playing for Arsenal. I'm not anti Wenger, although I may knee jerked after Saturdays game, but it just looks like to me that he has run out of ideas. The formation that he is playing hasn't worked for 7 years, so why oh why! does he stick with it. He has become tacitly unaware, just take the change at Villa, and Theo Walcott is our top scorer, yet Gervinho still gets the nod to play as our striker? On Saturday I have never seen so many crosses go into the box with no Giroud in there to get his head on them? I just don't know what is going through his mind. He says in reports today that he knows where the troubles lie and  that he would prefer to sort them out in house, so I would expect no activity in January.
Of course on twitter there was a lot of disgruntled fans calling for the managers head. Also a lot of fans still backing Wenger and asking not to forget what he has done for this club. Well I say to these fans, Yes Arsene has achieved a lot in his career at Arsenal, but he slowly undoing it all with his stubbornness and his lack of ability to change things around when its not going our way.  We play a nice style of football, but when we are  down or not getting through we haven't got a plan b or new starting point. We just carry on and hope that the break through will come.
The report that Steve Bould went off on one in the dressing room after the game on Saturday, I'm afraid I don't believe, I think its just another attempt to keep the fans happy by saying yeah its ok, Steve went off on one and we are addressing the situation. I'm sorry but I dont believe it for a second.
The January transfer window is only round the corner and I'm afraid all I can see is Sagna and Walcott leaving. Theo has been scoring goals and still ignored in the central role. Sagna? Well its sounds like to me he has got Nasri syndrome and for that fact he can leave.

Arsene Wenger has got to change things. The formation is not working, For me a 4-4-2 has to be looked at. Giroud and Walcott have to be given a chance to form a partnership to save this season. It cant go any worse than what is happening now, Can it?
I expect a very under strength team to be playing in Europe this week. Players have reported that they are finding the going tough with the fixture list. The new players that have come I think have found it a bit of a culture shock.
The thing that worries me the most is that if you look at other teams, such as Utd, City, Chelsea, when they go on a bad run you can see where there is a little tweak needed, With us I cant see it. The fact of the matter is we are miles off being the any where near the mentioned clubs, and something has to change before its to late. To win trophies you have to spend money. When you win trophies and become a success you will make money as a club, Sponsorship deals etc etc. If you don't spend money then you become unnoticed and this is the danger that surrounds our club. Its a danger that I'm afraid is very real and its a serious threat.

So until after the game mid week, try to keep your heads up, although I understand is hard at the moment.

Sing for the Arsenal!

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  1. lots of good points made craig, as you say with january around the corner all that will happen is that those mentioned players will leave, with no replacements coming in. how can we cope each year letting our best players leave? song to barca and no defensive midfielder bought to cover him, hopes resting on diaby playing a full season, started fantastic this season but a touch of the van persie of old with him. It pains me to say it but the best thing that can happen is for us to finish outside the top 4 and get knocked out of europe asap coz if wenger gets arsenal a top 4 spot yet again, then he has done his job. wenger has to know each year that he cannot compete with both manchester clubs for the league.


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